Sexy Role Play Ideas to Spice up your Marriage

We are all blessed with imagination and the more we exercise it, eg through role-play the more vivid it becomes and with it the pleasure. Here are some ideas of not only roles but how to get into character.

First, figure out your fantasy now share it with your spouse, establish limits in terms of your comfort level. eg share it as a dream that you would like to play out or make it a card you have in playing a truth or dare strip game. Share why its sexy for you. Pick scenes that are familiar and simple. You may not have all the wardrobe or props. Don’t worry about it, improvise. You can add them as you go along. For teacher role, just display a chalkboard or whiteboard. If you have a desk, great. A CD or playlist with the right music, low lighting and a scented candle are great ways to create mood. Pick scenario that appeal to you both.

The teacher/professor and student is a classic role play. However, it’s cringy to think of an older man flirting with a young girl, so we suggest you reverse the roles so that the husband is the ogling student, with a crush on his teacher/professor. Also move from school to college even if you are not reversing roles. Now who in growing up at some point did not have a crush on their teacher?

  • You can play the roles in so many ways strict teacher, seduced by young student.
  • You can pick any subject, math, French, biology (remember the birds and bees) and a naive pupil discovering sex for the first time.
  • What about if you got a bad grade and you will do anything to get it changed to an A.
  • Or what will you do to get them to give you a referral to a Ivy league school?
  • What if you cheated and teacher has to spank you.
  • What if you looked at them trying to seduce them and offer sexual favor to get something?
  • Play out a Biology/Sex ed class with a book which has illustrations.
  • Teach the Kama Sutra.
  • The female can wear eg a regular white blouse with the buttons undone, or a Front Tie Blouse and skirt . or be wearing a cardigan half unbuttoned with nothing under it, a tight pencil skirt, heels and glasses. All he has to do it sit back and act naughty, then get “punished” by his teacher. The nerdy one can wear glasses, a tie, and carry some big books. use names like Sir or Maam, and they call you back by your last name.

The cool thing about role play is you’re allowing your spouse to have sex with a different fantasy version of you. It is pleasure through escapism.
Other role plays to explore

  1. The Hitchhiker:They are broke, you give them a ride and they offer to repay eg with sex or foreplay in the car. Of course you need to do this in a discrete place, or the safest is in your garage 🙂
  2. Doctor and nurse or Nurse and patient: There is something sexy about medical scrubs and a white jacket, but you can put on any white clothing or lab coat, you can use any cutlery, spoon or other gadget from the kitchen (no knives please) to pretend for it to be a stethoscope, or test reflexes, or thermometer.
  3. Wonder Woman and Batman: Figure out which superpower you love and embody that character. Maybe its seeing through walls and you can see what your spouse has on underneath their clothes. Have fund and have superhero sex. Go to Dollar store and get anything eg sleep mask or toys eg Zorro mask, swords that all you to play out the role.
  4. Librarian and Patron
    Do you ever remember seeing a hot librarian. You get a combination of smart and sexy. She can put on a red sweater, blouse with a few buttons undone and glasses, more like the hot teacher. Tie your hair into a bun with a pencil in it and big heavy book.
  5. Two seductive secret agents
    Each one trying to figure out the moves of the other. Kind of like a Mr. and Mrs. Smith with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Let the sparks fly.
  6. French maid and hotel patron
    Try out your French accent, offer to clean the room and any extras you might be willing to take care off.
  7. Police Officer and Driver
    Depending on the role you take one is going to give a ticket and the other one uses seduction to get out of it. You can use props but the best one is just the tease through eg having an unbuttoned blouse etc.
  8. Virtual Threesomes
    Either of you can have more than one identity, just play them out. The mind is an amazing organ.
  9. Strip-tease
    It’s all about wearing several layers some which are very sexy, your confidence, lighting, music, undressing slowly, teasing him/her and having fun. Remove each item of clothing deliberately and make eye contact. Throw in the odd surprise by pretending you’re going to take off one item but you take off another.
    Check out videos on Youtube if you need a class.
  10. Masseuse and client
    If you don’t have a massage table not to worry. If you have a kitchen island you can put on it a yoga mat and below it a layer of blankets. Put on new-age music, candles and you’re in business.
  11. Real estate agent and potential buyer: buyer or agent  is trying to seduce the other to get best deal
  12. Yoga instructor and student: Show them the moves
  13. Repairman and housewife: Go ahead husbands get your toolbox and muscles out.
  14. Actress and casting agent/director/actor: Be demanding director and actress auditioning for role
  15. Model and photographer: Fairly straight forward, just do it with a camera and keep the images in a safe place or delete them after.
  16. Play Chef combine good food and good sex.
  17. Virgin: Reenact your first night together

Couple doing push-ups in gym

Jane The Virgin — “Chapter Seventy-Four” — Image Number: JAV410b_0213.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Justin Baldoni as Rafael and Gina Rodriguez as Jane — Photo: Lisa Rose/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Teacher Pointing at Map of World ca. 2002

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