Heart to Heart

If you find you and your spouse are feeling a little distant or just looking for making a more heart to heat connection, the following is an excerpt from “75 Habits for a Happy Marriage” by Ashley Davis Bush and Daniel Arthur Bush.











Habit: ” Put your hand on your beloved’s heart and ask her to put her hand on your heart. Then hum a note and have your spouse hum it with you, matching the tone. (If you’re Muslim eg it could be a tasbeeh). Hum together until one of you changes the note. Match again and hum.”

Purpose: ” When you feel distant from your spouse, this simple habit will quickly realign you and make you feel connected. Touching each other over the heart stimulates the bonding hormone of Oxytocin. Sharing the same sound waves creates a frequency of connection. Sound vibrates through your cells and unites you in a common vibration. Making a habit of joining through sound and touch reminds you that you are together in life and that your marriage is a priority.”

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