Red: The color of sex

Every color has objective and subjective things associated with it. There are many sensual, passionate colors.

  • Black: Sophistication, elegance, seduction, mystery
  • Orange: Playfulness, warmth, vibrant, stimulation
  • Pink: Soft, sweet, sensual, romance, love, friendship
  • Purple: Royal, passion,spirituality,
  • White: Pure, virginal, peace, enlightenment
  • Scarlet, Rose, Fire, Ruby, and Crimson: Sexy, sensual, erotic











Then there is red. It is associated with energy, danger, passion, desire, love, warmth, boldness, excitement, speed, strength, courage. It is very emotional and grabs your attention. Along with other warm colors, orange, pink, purple and black/white it is often used to evoke erotic feelings that lead to attraction of the opposite sex, especially by females for males. However, attraction is a multi-sensory process and color along with a persons smell, taste, touch, body language are all factors.

Heterosexual men find women in red clothing, and underwear to be more attractive than other colors perhaps because because women’s bodies naturally become red or pink when sexually aroused. Color is important not only in clothing but also food, fashion, cosmetics, the color of your car etc.

Even with red there are different shades

Light red stands for: joy, sexuality, passion, sensitivity, love
Dark red stands for: vigor, willpower, rage, anger, leadership, courage, longing, malice, wrath

As red is such a strong and over-powering color it has to be used with discretion. A little goes a long way. Perhaps its the red lipstick or nailpolish along with a red bra, complimented by a black top or a white satin blouse. Different cultures perceive colors in different wasy. For some black or white is associated with death, for weddings the go to color maybe white, or red or green.There are so many variables you will have to experiment with what works for you and your spouse, it will be a personal choice.

Lighting also plays a significant role in creating mood. In your bedroom you will have to see how much natural light it gets. The size of the room and height of ceiling factor in. If you have a ceiling light, it’s best to avoid fluroescent. Put a dimmer on and use accent lights. Try red or blue shades or bulbs on your table lamps and see what works for both of you. Create shadows off the wall. Generally dimmer lighting works better so you do not become too self-consious about your body. Experiment with candles (real or artificial ones). Try tea lights in a little candle holder of different colors. With lamps try lighting your body from the side, it will be more flattering. Experiment, Experiment, Experiment. Even when you find a setting that works for you, every so often change it so you don’t become bored.

Below are examples of women who look attractive in primarily red clothing. Take notes and next time you go out shopping (or browsing on the web), get some outfits and see how they reflect on you and how you spouse feels about them.


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