Erotica: I Love My Wife’s Boobs!

Before we get to the feature article we must once again talk about the difference between Pornography and Erotica (IOHO), many will conclude that erotica is pornography, but there is a difference. Marriage Erotica is healthy when it encourages lawful moral sex between husband and wife. Pornography creates a lust for an image, without any purpose of education or morality. It takes myths and creates realities in the minds of its consumers, wrecking their marriages and sexual life.

This site IslamSexLove encourages People of faith to enjoy the God-given sexuality that we have been endowed with in marriage. The object of desire is your spouse only and the erotica is just a way to give ideas to explore eg sexy lingerie, positions to try, and ways to turn on your spouse on.

Although the below erotica is a Christian man’s view, with quotes from the Bible and some profanity (which we do not condone), the context and write-up is very well done.

I am amazed at how God wired me as a husband! How can my bride’s perky and firm boobs be so satisfying to me?…

We cover how to turn on your husband in other posts. Here are some sexy bra ideas that you may find a turn-on for your spouse.


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