Marriage, Sex and Roleplay

Here at we are all about promoting spiritual monogamous sexual relations. Sex is the highest pleasure God has endowed us with. As long as we don’t cross the boundaries laid out to us, married sex can continue for a life time and to keep it interesting all you need is imagination.

One of the ways to do this is through role-play. You can play any role as long as it is not degrading eg sex with a prostitute or rape or violence. The roles can be varied but still be married. You can be the Sultan and she the queen, you Tarzan, she Jane. Find something you and you spouse both find enjoyable and try it out. Some roles will work, others will not. After your roleplay you can discuss what worked or didn’t. You don’t want to script it all out, so make it an adventure and have fun. It’s ok to get eg to buy props and clothes, but don’t go overboard. You don’t want to spend a lot of money for a one time effort.

Also avoid thing like affairs. Play out an alter-ego and use names of people you don’t know. You can play strangers and each one is trying to turn on the other, or resist. Start simple and for the Academy award at a later point. If you play photographer model, avoid using your smartphone (you don’t want pics getting uploaded to the cloud) and get a camera whose flashcard you can easily delete from and pictures stay local. You can play desperate housewife and repair-guy with the caveat that the repair guy is the husband. Come up with creative foreign sounding sexy names. It takes time to get into character, but again don’t overthink it.

Other role play ideas

  1. Sexy chef and patron. Start with dinner and go followup with dessert
  2.  Royalty and servant. Dominance vs submissive then reverse roles
  3. Naughty nurse and patient or doctor
  4. Be a masseuse.
  5. Complete strangers.
  6. Shy character
  7. Lingerie model
  8. Casting director and the actor
  9. Personal trainer and the client
  10. Professor and the student
  11. Police officer and the criminal
  12. Bad boss and the meek employee
  13. Favorite Movie role
  14. Painter And Muse
  15. Doctor And Nurse or patient
  16. Hotel Maid And Guest

DF-10155R1- Antonio Banderas(l) and Catherine Zeta-Jones star in Columbia Pictures and Spyglass EntertainmentÕs epic action/adventure The Legend of Zorro.
Photo Credit: Andrew Cooper

TARZAN, THE APE MAN, Bo Derek, Miles O’Keeffe, 1981, (c) MGM

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