Boobs and Penises Bigger Is Not Always Better

The Media Magnifies Everything. With the ease of access to online porn , it distorts the reality of sex. It provides a myth that to have great sex you need humongous boobs or a penis the size of the Washington monument. We’re not here to preach our faith, but  God has in each of us created us in the best and perfect form, whether we appreciate it or not. Boob-size  or Penis-size does not reflect or dictate personality, beauty and most of all pleasure. We are all endowed with the ability to give and receive pleasure.













Because of porn’s and media’s distortion, sadly women (and some men) are going in droves for getting their breasts (or in the case of men their penises) enlarged. Remember real sex is not an all-night marathon session. At best it’s 10-15 minutes of foreplay and 30-60 seconds of highlight. That’s it.

If you assume that in any population regardless of race, that most peoples breast and penis sizes follow the bell-curve and this is proven, it means that your medium sized,…is better suited to provide real pleasure. A typical penis can measure from 5-7 inches. A woman’s vagina is only 3-4 inches deep, so guys your manhood is good enough. What counts is how you use it.










Over time our bodies will change, and for men the penis will not have the same acceleration or performance that it had in your 20’s as you will have in your 50’s. No amount of Viagra can change that.

Yes, women’s breasts are an attraction point for men, but when  they become obscenely large they lose the power of attraction. So ladies no matter what your breast size, save your tens of thousands of dollars for breast augmentation surgery cost and put it into your 401K.

Men or women should not do anything temporary or permanent to change what God has endowed us with. It is proven that even cock rings that wrap around the penis base cause long-term harm. Putting on push-up under-wire bras for a long time is not good for your breasts health. The key to great sex as we cover in so many other posts is free. It requires you investing in your relationship. Spending time in foreplay, and praying to God. It’s aural sex that makes great foreplay.

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