Lingerie for Black Women and Women of Color

Whether you approve or not of lingerie models, it is the reference for many women and men of what one can look like in a sexy undergarment. Although there are small shifts of showing women of different body types, the vast majority of lingerie models are Caucasian. If you are black, brown, have small breasts, or body type that doesn’t lend it self to “being sexy”, there are slim pickings.

In this post we wanted to share with you, what to look for both in general for lingerie and specifically for women of color of how to enhance your sexuality for your husband and married life.

Let’s start with the bra as that is the most important item in your undergarment set. The fit is very important and reality is many women wear the incorrect size. It is best to go to a good lingerie store and get measured.

The two main things to focus on the bra are the band which provides most of the support and need to fit snugly and comfortably around your bosom and the cup. For the cup it is a balance between having your breast covered versus it “spilling out”. Half cup is great, to turn on your hubby, you want just enough of it to show, but not too much.

Next we get down to the different styles (which we covered in a previous post), fabrics and color. For fabric, cotton is king, as it allows your breasts to breathe. If you are only wearing it for sex, maybe just focus on the comfort of it and how it feels. Underwire can be ok, but it should not be digging into your rib cage.

The final thing is the color. Solid colors or in some cases two colors are best. Your bra and panties don’t have to match. Based on surveys black followed by white are the most popular colors  of sexy lingerie. Depending on your skin tone, although you can wear black it is nice to have something lighter or brighter to give a contrast to your skin. If you are looking for something more complimentary then nude, Nubian colors work well. Highlight colors with energy like red and purple again are always very sexy.

As there are so many variables plus your and your husbands likes, dislikes, it is best to go shopping together and try them out. Alternatively if you feel uncomfortable doing this in a store buy the ones that are your top picks. Turn on the music at home and do a lingerie fashion show for your hubby, and see which ones you agree on and return the rest (you can’t return panties for hygiene reasons and of course ethically not use any item or take its labels off).

You don’t have to go to Victoria’s Secret, any department store plus and of the discount clothing retailers like TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshall’s work well.

Panties, or briefs should also fit well, be comfortable to touch. They can be of the same color or something complimentary eg Pink and purple, or black and white. You can also compliment your bra and panties with a kimono.

Besides standard solid colors you can also try fabrics that reflect your cultural heritage. That’s a pretty quick overview and here are some inspiring pics that can let you know what to look for when you go lingerie shopping.

Fashion Photography NYC Street Fashion Photographer New York Urban Fashion Models Street Style Attractive tall slim busty perky large breasts African-American black ethnic teen model girl in lace red bra and purple panties lingerie with hard erect nipples kneels on bed gazing out window. Brooklyn, New York



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