How to Create a Sexy Board Game

In a previous post we shared with you Printable Truth or Dare Sexy Cards. In this post we want to complete the picture by sharing how to create a sexy board game that you and your spouse can play. Again we believe in keeping things moral so this is not something to be done with friends or groups.












To have a board game you need the following

  1. A Board
  2. Rules
  3. Cards
  4. Dice
  5. Player pieces


Board and Rules

For the board, you can modify an existing games board, or using a poster board create your own.  As with any game your Sexy game (give it a name), needs the following:

  1. A start and finish
  2. A challenge
  3. It needs to be short (but not too short or long), fun, simple, fair
  4. The players (your two) need to feel they have control, so it is not just random throw of the dice (ie a balance between random and strategy)

You will have to prototype it and try it out. Most probably you will have to fine tune the rules. Depending on how many steps it takes to get to finish, you may want to speed things up (use two dice) or slow things down (one dice).

Besides moving forward there needs to be obstacle that sends player back a few steps. eg Land here and go back 3 steps.

For the cards you want to have a mix of doing something naughty as well as those that require you to think. Feel free to use our Printable Sexy Cards.

Don’t try to rush the game to go and have sex. Enjoy it and just have fun!



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