Awesome Alternatives to Pornography

The actress Emma Watson has called for “awesome alternatives” to pornography that empower instead of objectifying women.  First, just a reminder for all of us that sexual intimacy is a gift from God,  that brings together our hearts, minds, bodies, and spirit. By filling our minds with pornography, it creates an intense desire which can lead to unintended consequences. Although we can’t say pornography directly causes a social ill, there is correlation between them. More men get their cues about sex from porn than women, see below. As porn reflects unrealistic sex expectations, this leads to disappointment in real married lives of people.

With all the advances in science the mind is still a mystery and who knows how things get rewired with things that get us into the red zone. It could cause E.D. and a whole host of social problems. If for no other reason, think of it this way if its dinner time and you fill up with junk you are not going to enjoy the main course.









Whether you end up masturbating (and denying your spouse that pleasure) or find another outlet which is most probably sinful, it is better to put a brake on this.   However, rather than just calling it out, we also want to provide alternatives.

  1. Think some naughty thoughts and share with your spouse. Create a sensual environment music, lights, candles, and dance to some dirty tunes.
  2. Pick up some erotica like a steamy novel and read to each other or create stories with the two of you in it. It could be a fantasy (nothing immoral), eg roleplay.
  3. Watch tasteful romantic comedies together, to get you both in the mood and have laughter.
  4. Men are visual creatures, so get your visual hunger fed by your spouse. Go lingerie shopping so that your spouse is the one that turns you on, not  a stranger.
  5. Get creative and Make your spouse fall in love with you again and again,…
  6.  There are many foreplay techniques that we cover in the site. You can do a seductive dance, strip show, or play a sexy board game with your spouse.
  7. You are more sexy than you know. Both husband and wife can get creative, not be so self conscious about your bodies and just have fun and flirt with each other.
  8. Make him feel like a king, make her feel like a queen. Role play!
  9. Pray to God and ask Him to bless your sex life and for you to have desire for your spouse only.
  10. If your husband or wife is looking for sexual gratification through porn, chances are there are other emotional needs not being met. Increase the frequency of  non-sexual touch, hug more, be generous and forgiving and God-willing your marriage will increase in love and intimacy.



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