Nude Jewelry

Jewelry like necklaces, earrings, bangles can compliment you and your attire and make you even more desirable to your spouse. Jewelry can be fake or authentic, it can gold, pearls, silver, or other metal, it can be short or long, it can be of precious stones, narrow or wide, it can make a statement. Bottom line is there are many variables and it is your job to identify what accentuates you and especially your assets that you want to flaunt with your hubby.

  1. Layer your necklaces: You can get eg thin chains of varying lengths that are either the same or contrasting material.
  2. The main rule is less is more. You only want the focus to be on one area, it could be your ears, cleavage, hands. It can be something as simple as studs.
  3. Make sure they are comfortable (as well as not causing you to be allergic to that metal or ,…)
  4. Focus on quality not quantity.
  5. Find something that compliments eg your lingerie or the dress you will be wearing.
  6. You can use a necklace with a plunging neck line to guide your husband visually and turn him on.


Below are pics to give you creative ideas.

Bra Decollete Section Human Breast Chain

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